♡ day 7 - my Christmas wishlist ♡

December 07, 2018

 I am so excited for Christmas! It was maybe September my mum asked me to start gathering a list of idea what I want and this has honestly been the hardest year yet - I’ve came to the conclusion there’s nothing I want. Creating a list was hard but I managed to find some thing I wanted! On this list is also things my friends are getting me.

 I feel so greatful my mum and dad even get me half of this, I’m lucky enough to be treated by them and my amazing family! They truely are the best and do anything they can for me and my sister, it’s amazing how they can. I’m starting to ramble now!

The things I want for Christmas is -
Jo Malone candle - peony blush suede - £47
Topshop leather jacket - £49
Tommy jeans triple script logo t-shirt - £25
Pandora sparkling strand bracelet - £55
Fresh frequent flyer lip set - £18
Orgins retexturing mask with rose clay - £27
Skinny dip winter palm case - £14
John Lewis stackers marble effect large jewellery storage cone - £20
- Victoria secret underwear set
- seeing The 1975 in January with my best friend
-,Seeing Ed Sheeran in August with my boyfriend

 I know Christmas isn’t about gifts but you’d be lying to say you didn’t enjoy it! I also have my birthday in December so I get some of these gifts for my birthday too that’s why my list is large / long and some presents overlap. My parents / family are very big gift givers so it’s best to give them a big list! I don’t receive everything too, I buy some things myself!

 Bailey ♡ xxx

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  1. Gorgeous wishlist! I actually have the Pandora bracelet, it is so pretty and sparkling. I hope you get some wonderful things for Christmas x

    Hannah | hannahslifediaries.com

  2. Great post! I love wishlist posts! That Pandora bracelet looks so nice :)

  3. That Pandora bracelet is so beautiful! ☺️

    Jenny • www.sparkleandstyleblogger.wordpress.com


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