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January 19, 2019

 Its 2019 and I’m pretty sure everyone knows what Netflix is and completely love it. It’s full of amazing shows and films but as well as adding ones on, Netflix make there own. My past posts on Netflix are some of my most views posts, so I’m pretty sure this will be helpful.

 Sometimes Netflix originals never get the credit they deserve, and they’re some good films that deserve soooo much more hype! I have had so many nights in watching Netflix originals and they’ve blown me away yet I’ve heard no one talk about them.

 I’m going to start with a show we all know and love (and want season 3 to come back ASAP) stranger things! It’s such an amazing show - the acting and storyline blew me away. I watched this as soon as it was realised and I was hooked - made me so happy seeing how much love and attention it got because it’s the most amazing storyline and characters.

 13 reasons why is extremely controversial - the story has a lot of meaning and it has some hard hitting subjects. Personally I liked how they showed it and I enjoyed the story as it got a strong message across but it’s very graphic and you need to be warned. I think it’s something there to raise awareness and i enjoyed watching it.

 I’m pretty sure everyone’s heard of orange is the new black now and this has the most explosive storylines I’ve ever seen. They’re so new and creative I love how the actresses all portray it in an amazing way. The show makes me laugh, cry and feel emotions so extremely when watching as the acting is just out of this world. I think it’s got amazing storyline and characters I think everyone should watch it.

 Unbreakable is a show I haven’t heard much of but I loved watching it. The story is based off something true but has some really different individual characters in but it makes the show so original as I’ve never seen storylines like it. I think it’s so funny I couldn’t stop laughing whilst I was watching it. It’s such a good way to uplift spirits.

 You me her is a strange one. I don’t think it’ll be to many people’s tastes but I liked it as it’s different and the plot Is quite odd but I think it’s worth giving a chance. I like how the characters all have originality and we get answers to what we’re thinking. Its a good watch as it goes though more then we think. I really enjoyed it.

 In the 80’s/90’s there was full house, now Netflix has brought it back as fuller house. Honestly I love the reboot as it’s all the original cast and it’s them grown up with their family, solving problems that are modern day and having fun I just love how they’ve brought it back like this and how everything fits together in the same set, characters are more they’ve just expanded upon.

 The let down is so raw. This is such an amazing show that shows the struggles of being a new mum and how everything isn’t okay and perfect, we see Audrey struggle to come to grips and how her life completely changes as she does too with going into a local parenting group. I think seeing her struggle is an amazing example to mums how it really is and I think it deserves so much more hype. Another odd one yet I love this so much.

 Santa clarita diet is amazing. The storyline is so different yet it’s so funny and I love the cast. I think everyone needs to watch this, it’s so hooking and exciting to watch. I love the originality the show brings to Netflix and how it gets the love it deserves , I can’t wait for season 3 to be released!
 Last but not least, I couldn’t not include jack Whitehall travels with my father is one of the funniest things I’ve ever watched. Seeing him travel the world with his dad is so funny yet educational at the same time - seeing them together yet showing their differences is so funny put together as they’re so good together. I think it’ll crack anyone up who watches it

 I’m in love with everything I’ve recommended and I’m sure in the next year Netflix will realise some more amazing shows and movies! If there are any you guys love, share them with me so I can watch them!

 Bailey ♡ xxx

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  1. I loved the show 'You' that just came out! It's a bit creepy but so interesting to watch!

  2. Fuller House is quite entertaining and is probably one of my favorite reboots!

  3. A good selection of shows here! Netflix are killing it at the moment. I loved 13 Reasons Why, it's a great show, can't wait for the next season. I've also been loving Riverdale it's a perfect show!

    Gemma | https://anoceanglimmer.wordpress.com/

  4. I loved 13 reasons why. Narcos is really good as well. Just finished watching YOU and I loved that too.


    1. i have never watched narcos but the rest are amazing

  5. I need to get back into Netflix! I love that there are so many neat shows there. I haven't seen 13 reasons why, though I hear so many things about how it sends a powerful message of things that can happen. Oooh, Santa Clarita Diet sounds interesting as well. It is always nice when a show runs for more than 1 season! Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

    1. there is! its so worth watching i hope it helps x

  6. I haven't seen any of these but I agree, Netflix have been putting some awesome shows up lately, I have been loving Travelers, Sherlock and Frontier, all really great shows.

  7. Think I might start watching the let down, it sounds good!
    - Kyra || lovekyra.000webhostapp.com

  8. I haven't actually watched any of them 😂 but you convinced me to check some of them out !

  9. I love some netflix and I LOOOVEEE Fuller House! haha We also love Stranger Things and all of the Marvel shows!! They are awesome!!

  10. Netflix have done really well with their original series's. I like The Haunting of Hill House too.

  11. I need to watch more Netflix! I don’t think I’ve seen any of these!��

  12. Netflix, Amazon, Hulu .. Who needs cable with such great content?!

  13. I've been binge watching Netflix shows lately! Ozarks is good, and You is...... creepy to say the least :) I am currently obsessed w/Tidying up with Marie Kondo. :) Its sparked spring cleaning to say the least! :)


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