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March 02, 2019

 There’s no denying primark is amazing! It’s a store that sells everything for affordable prices, what’s not to love?? The clothes are amazing and I’ve been diving into their beauty products more recently and I haven’t half found some gems.

 I love primark so much so I always go to the beauty / skincare and bits isle whilst I’m shopping and if hooks me in! There are so many little bits - sons arguably better then others but all for such affordable prices I can’t resist trying it.

 The most recent of all is the primark x alex steinherr range. Out of everything I tried from it, my favourite product had to be the overnight lip mask! This is perfect for the cold weather to help hydrate my lips whilst l giving them a gorgeous tint. For £4 this is becoming a holy grail life saver as the cold weather kills my lips but this is helping so much.

   I haven’t honestly tried much of primark makeup other then afew odd bits but looking at it, I saw a instant gem. I’ve never seen such an amazing highlighter as this for £2.50. The price shocked me considering how much pigment and how glowy this is - I think it has to be holy grail. I think that packaging is cheap but at the price point you expect it, but the products is more then worth it.

 Ive recently started wearing lashes and I’m honestly loving them! But they are expensive wow. This is why the primark ones are prefect - they’re not too much and fit my eyes perfectly it’s almost as if they’re made for me! I like you can see them but they aren’t huge. I’m loving the ‘sultry’ and ‘full look’ pairs but I need to try more and for £1 with glue included you can’t go wrong!

 I think primark best kept secrets is their nail polish. I am so in love with the quick dry nail polishes and they are only 60p. These are tiny little nail varnishes with such good pigmentation, dry quickly and rarely crease. I would only say shades are so hard to get - the nude one I use hasn’t came back or any metallics so it’s such a shame! But the shades they’ve got are so pretty and well worth trying.

I guarantee primark have more gems then I know of and I can’t wait to discover them but these are some of my favourites! I will be sure to try more out now I’ve seen how amazing these are.

 Bailey ♡ XX

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  1. I love Primark but I’ve only ever bought clothes from there. I’ve heard lots of things about their make up and for such a low price there’s no harm trying! I’ll definitely have to try their nail polish, I’m really fussy and hate when they’re not the right consistency!x

  2. I've never bought makeup from Primark! I've seen lots of people rave about it, but the makeup section in my local Primark is always a bit of a mess, so I get a bit put off. But this post has reeeeally made me want to try some bits out!

    Olivia - The Northernist x

  3. I don't buy much makeup from Primark but I always buy the accessories like brushes etc. I don't think the quality is too bad. I need to try more of the products for sure! x

    Megan | https://meganelizabethlifestyle.com/

  4. I didn't know Primark does beauty!


  5. Will definitely be trying some of their beauty products next time I go in now! Great post ❤️️

  6. ooooh I need to try their nail polish for sure.

    Have you tried their creme eyeshadow? I SO LOVE THEM. The champagne AND rose gold are my faves to wear to work if I feel a bit fancy but not too fancy.

    I need to go shopping again!

  7. I love Primark Make up, some of it is really good quality X

  8. Primark Nail polishes are actually so so good. Some of my favourites

    Chelle: http://www.chellebelle2016.blogspot.co.uk

  9. Love primark make up! My fav lip liner is from there and was £1 it’s crazy! Feel free to check my blog out - lifeoflou590.wordpress.com xx

  10. Oh wow! Reading this I am wishing I had a Primark closer to me! Will definitely be trying out that lip mask next time I am near one!
    I'm not really a huge make up person so I love to find cheap bits that are nice as well for the moments that I want to be "girly".


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