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February 27, 2019

 There’s no denying how hard it is to be a blogger. Nothing about this process is easy and if anyone says it is - they’re lying. I know nearly 3 years ago when I first starting blogging I had no idea about anything it’d just been a constant learning process and it’s still happening! There’s so much involved in blogging you don’t even realise! Trying to balance it and and find your own routine can be hardest of all but once you’ve got it, you’re set! It’s so helpful

 As a blogger I think one of the most important thing is to be patient it takes time. Growth doesn’t happen overnight and things don’t come without hard work. you’re always going to grow throughout your experience of doing this and learn new things so don’t expect it all to happen at once. All the hard work you put in will pay off.

 My biggest tip of all had to be plan all your posts & promote them so much. There’s nothing more exciting then seeing the posts I plan on writing for the next month it helps me feel so motivated and if you want people to see them you need to promote them so much! I use twitter threads, Pinterest and just tweet about them and it helps getting my posts out so much.

 This is so important but you need to never give up. Resilience is key! Over your experience challenges will come, views may make you feel disheartened if they’re low or a post you love isn’t getting much love but it’s worth it no matter what. blogging is so fun so you shouldn’t really let it get to you as your time will come, your growth will come and you will shine and get your time so just never give up.

As a blogger, support is such a big thing. We need to share the love with other amazing bloggers as they deserve supper! and it’s so important to give other bloggers views, comment on their post and communicate with them all in the community so we can help eachother all grow together and it’s such a lovely thing to do because I know how much it can help

. I don’t think I’ll ever stop learning because blogging is such a rewarding process and growing experience too as you never stop no matter what - there’s new things and new people so there’s always a breathe of fresh air!

 Bailey ♡ xx

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  1. These tips are all so useful and I really second them. For me the most important thing is staying true to what you enjoy and the rest will come in time.

    Amber | https://unequivocallyamber.wordpress.com

  2. i am so glad they helped! completely agree x

  3. Promotion makes such a big difference! Especially when the Twitter and Pinterest communities are so kind x

  4. Blogging is a lot of hard work but it's so much fun too!


  5. These posts are so good! I wish I had read more of them when I started blogging. I feel like I'm constantly learning new things.

  6. Great post! It’s definitely a process and there is a learning curve but these are helpful tips!
    - Morgan @ www.mommyaboveall.com

  7. Fantastic advice for new bloggers! I'm 7 months in and learning so much ����

  8. Very helpful tips Bailey! I find that showing support to others bloggers and communicating with them about their experiences makes my journey a lot more fun because we all are growing together ❤️

    Natonya | https://justnatonya.wordpress.com

  9. As a still newish blogger, this is some super helpful advice for us newbies! Thanks so much!

  10. I love the tips you provided - you can see a lot of blog posts with "newbie tips" which seem unachievable for new bloggers.

    I have blogged for over a year now and I still feel like a newbie because I took time off etc. But it is important to not give up, plan and be resilient.

  11. This is amazing advice! As a new blogger i find it really hard to get my content seen even when i do promote, but ofcoarse progress takes time. Could you please do a post on how you promote your blog and using different types of social media. Thank you!!



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