♡ Summer skincare favourites ♡

August 28, 2019

 It may not be pretty constant but in the uk we are getting some warm weather. It’s hit and miss - but it is there. As the seasons change all my routines do! I notice such a huge change in my skincare During the warmer months I tend to go to different products to help cater for everything around me - the humidity and what’s going on. I’ve got my go to products I’ve been using all June and July to share.

 The first thing I grabbed was my suncream. This is a necessity as especially in this heat, your skin needs the protection from the sun and uv days as they are so dangerous if your face is exposed. I personally wear suncream everyday but in the heat I apply a lot more just so my skin gets the protection it needs.

 One of the things I alter all seasons is my moisturer. In the summer I tend to go for something lighter and I reach for the Clinique moisture surge moisturiser. This is perfect for my skin keeping it so light yet hydrating it as much as I need in the summer.

 My lips are something I love taking care of and now in the summer they need it the most. I love using lip balms but I’ve got tinted ones! I’m Paris I bought a Sephora lip balm and honestly I love it - it gives my lips a lovely coral tint whilst leaving them hydrated and smelling of watermelon.

 Then to give my skin more hydration I use the Superdrug vitamin E leave on moisture mask which is a gel mask that really focuses on hydrating the skin. This helps my skin look and feel amazing especially those days I’m not feeling the best - it softens and plumps giving the allusion if a natural glow.

It’s one of my go to masks and I use it atleast once every few weeks. The sun really does have an impact on my routine - you really do need to cater for the effects it will have and try prevent any damage! I know how important it is to look feet your skin even even more in the summer!

 Bailey ♡ XX

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  1. I will definately try this out.

  2. I always could use better products to hydrate my face and lips. Thanks for sharing your favorite ones. I'll try some of these out!

  3. Thanks for sharing! I love facemasks definitely need to start using them more.


  4. I'm allergic to everything! My skin is so sensitive


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