♡A day in Leeds ♡

September 16, 2019

Leeds is an amazing city. It’s my home town, where I’ve been brought up and lived all my life. I really don’t think the city gets recognition for what it’s like there’s much here. Places to see, things to do and there’s always new things coming.

 Leeds is full of hidden gems - there’s so many places I go and I just don’t even think other people know much about. Leeds is an amazing place and I think it deserves to be recognised. Just even to spend a day here would be an experience and you can get so much done.

 One thing I think that’s amazing about Leeds is the shopping. To start with we’ve an amazing city centre. It’s huge!! full of shops and resteraunts. There’s so much to do in it - there is parks, fields - honestly you name it. You can make a full day out of shopping when it comes to Leeds as there are huge shops - Harvey nics, John Lewis and a huge primark! If you don’t want the city centre we’ve so many other places to go. There’s even a more ‘vintage’ take in the corn exchange at the bottom of the town, which is a good / shopping place full of small, independent stores. It’s got breathtaking architecture and is so lovely to stroll though.

There’s the white rose on the outskirts of Leeds - it’s huge shopping centre with so many food places and shops that you can make a full day out of. along with that and there’s a new and upcoming place called ‘the springs’ with afew shops opening, a cinema and Nando’s! When it comes to shopping you can never run out in Leeds - I’m confident to say it has nearly every shop you could possibly dream of.

 When it has warmer weather, Leeds is the place to be! There are huge parks such as temple Newsam which I know I always go to - roundhay Park is another similar place. They’re well known places with land marks that are famous to Leeds. They have beautiful fields, parks and nice places to sit and eat. Perfect for picnics and just a spend free day out. Me and my friends always go to have a good time.

 For food - Leeds is one of the best places. In town there are so many large chains and so many little gems I myself are still working on finding. There are so many places to go to but I want to share my favourites! Blackhouse is known for a steakhouse but they also serve other food & an amazing Sunday dinner! I think the best fish & chips shop is here, Fisherman’s Wife there are so many more amazing places but I think these two have to be my favourite of Leeds gems - they’ll be a post
coming with more of these!

 This is such a small taster and little overview of Leeds - there’s so much more to this amazing city and I could go on and on but I think everyone needs to even just spend the day there as there’s so much to do, to see and to love.

 Bailey ♡ xxx

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  1. Leeds is my favourite city ever (although I may be bias, I live there...) There's so much to do, glad you enjoyed it! If you're there again, Mommy Thai is a such a cute little independent place for lunch, and the food court in Trinity shopping centre is so cool and has something for everyone. Great post :) Laura x

  2. I've never been to Leeds before but am definitely thinking of visiting for the day. It's always fun to discover a new city x


  3. I have never been to Leeds either!

  4. Wow! The architecture is absolutely gorgeous! I've never been to Leeds but I would love to go just to stare at their buildings!

    Erica Raquel

  5. I've never been to Leeds but you had me at 'massive Primark' haha! The architecture looks wonderful and I especially love the look of Roundhay Park, it's so pretty! Xx

  6. I've never been to Leeds but I know a few friends going to uni there and it looks so nice! So will save this post (especially the food places) and consult nearer the time! xx


  7. I've never been to Leeds but I am IN LOVE with the architecture in your pictures! Wow!

  8. Leeds looks like such a nice place! Shopping is my absolute favourite activity so I feel like I'd have a good day out in Leeds hahah! This is such a great idea for a post xx

  9. I lived in Leeds for more than a decade and am visiting next week. It's a great place.

  10. I've never been to Leeds but it sounds wonderful. I may need to add visiting to my bucket list! Great post!

  11. Great post. I've always wanted to go there. It looks beautiful.

  12. Looks stunning!! I'd love to visit Leeds especially UK one day!

  13. Leeds is one of my favourite cities - I'd love to see more posts on this when you've done more exploring!


  14. I have never been outside of America :(. Europe has some incredible looking places. Thanks for giving us a peek into your home city. It is really beautiful. I'd love to visit one day!

  15. This looks beautiful. Thanks for giving me a city to look forward to seeing


  16. I just went to White Rose last weekend-soo good! The Primark there is fab. I'm definitely wanting to get back to Leeds- Temple Newsam looks so good! Great post! x

  17. What a beautiful place! Thanks for sharing!

  18. There are several places I would love to explore. Now, Leeds is one of the one nearer the top of my list.

    Thanks for sharing!


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