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February 01, 2020

Recently lashes have been my go to. Whoever said once you start wearing them you can’t stop was right every time I go out to any form of occasion I always am now wearing my lashes. There are so many different brands lashes out there and I’ve noticed don’t need to spend money to get some amazing lashes. as much as I am trying to try all lash brands I can find - I want to share my favourite go to lashes on a budget! These are pretty much all the lashes I wear and I got back to these every time.

 To start with I will go with my holy grail lashes. Without fail these are the ones I always have four packets of a spare pair and probably a already used pair. You can’t go wrong with the primark sultry lashes!! These are the most natural of all But give a gorgeous look as they make your lashes look so long and fluffy. These are just so naturally pretty for when you want to look dolled up but not dramatic and they are the ones that u wear the most as well as the most affordable at £1 and you cannot go wrong.

 The Next pair is another pair of Primark lashes. These ones are not always available in store but when they are, I grab as many as I can - they are completely different feel to the others as they are big and dramatic and so gorgeous! The 3-D iconic lashes are some of most flattering lashes I’ve ever seen for such an affordable price of £2 I was shocked when I saw them! They look like faux minx and doll any look up!

 The next pair were sent to me as a PR package about six months ago. Lashes direct reached out to me and sent me the Peaches and Cream Lashes - Style No. 6 to try and I finally included them in the post! This is my third pair that I’ve had and I love them so much! They sent me three pairs to try but these are my favourite overall - They are shaped perfectly well for your eyes And look so fluttery you’re not too dramatic! They are like perfect in between of the two above and so affordable at £4.95 yoy really can’t go wrong!

 Finally I saved the best pair for last. Tatti isn’t the most on budget lash brand at £9.85 but the quality really makes up for it. The Tatti lashes TL4 fake minx lashes are some of the most beautiful lashes I’ve ever seen. These TL4 are my current favourite and I’ve got the TL6 and another pair I’ve tried. Tatti lashes are my favourites for the best occasions and I love how they last for so long and give the most amazing dramatic & fluttery look. These sure are worth it for the best of the best occasion.

 Having different lashes for different occasions I’d such a girl thing, it really sparks me some joy. I want to experiment with different pairs of lashes and try find some more of my favourites! These ones are all amazing and I can’t wait to add to this collection in the future - please comment and lashes recommendations as I really want to check them out! Lashes are literally my favourite thing to wear now!

 Bailey ♡ xxx

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  1. Haha I super get you girl!!! I used to be addicted to false lashes too! Like my whole face is magically transformed when I have them on! Glad you discovered different types and brands to try! :)

    - Hazel

  2. Lovely post. I've bought some primary lashes but haven't got round to wearing them yet and now I'm excited to get to wear them.
    Blogger Rachael www.bloggerrachael.com

  3. I love the sultry lashes! They are up there with my favourites!

    Em x


  4. I love reading about peoples recommendations - eyelashes is a new one! I love it though - thanks for sharing x

  5. I love lashes! I always pick ones that are huge. Haha.

  6. Girl, I love lashes too!! My personal favs are KISS True Volume "Ritzy" Lashes. I usually cut them up & use them to make diy (temp) extensions since I hate having to redo my lashes every day lol! Xx

    Hannah // plottingertwist.blogspot.com

  7. So many lashes so little time! I haven't tried them but they always look so pretty on others!


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