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May 20, 2020

I have more free time than I’ve ever had at the minute and even we do my school work I feel like I have so much time to do the things I truly want to. Baking is one of the things I enjoy doing the most, and during lockdown I’ve got so much free time to be able to do - baking.

 Especially since I’ve had this much time for a Baking I want to, i’ve really been trying to mix it up. There’s so many things to bake and I want to try and make as many things as I can - lockdown rule I have we myself is to not make the same thing twice. It has given me a chance to experiment and test my baking skills and I’ve enjoyed it so much. I baked about once a week, everything has turned out so delicious I want to share!

 To start with I made flapjacks. I haven’t made them and I followed my blogpost - Flapjack recipe html as I had the ingredients I wanted to use them. I had a nightmare melting the chocolate but they turned out to be delicious!

 Next I made my personal favourThe best brownie recipe of your life this is the perfect recipie I have ever used and it’ll be a favourite of the lockdown - brownies. These brownies have one of the best things I have ever baked. Are used one of my favourite bloggers ItsLittleLauren’s recipe just without the cream eggs.

 The next I tried something I’ve never met before - a lemon drizzle. It was the best decision I ever had. It is created a new found with lemon drizzle - the cake was divine. I used a trusty bbc good foods recipe Lemon drizzle cake and it was eaten within 2 days, lll be definitely making it again

 Then because I had a busy week at work, I decided to just make shortbread. Instead of being creative or trying something new I just stuck with this shortbreads because everyone loves with them. And my mum got a new marble chopping board so the picture are now to get better - Shortbread recipe

 The most recent thing I’ve gone to make is rocky road. I followed the recipe from Tanya Burr’s book, ‘Tanya bakes’ and to this day I love this recipie book. I made rocky road once a few years ago and I loved it - making it this time was the exact same joy. The other problem was I put the marshmallows into soon and they all melted but nonetheless it tasted delicious.

 I made the mini egg cookies to start with, following my yearly easter baking and posted this at the start of lockdown - Easter cookies and my auntie bought me. Cadbury cake mix with the icing and I used this - it was delicious!! I never use boxes but I had to give Cadbury’s a go and it was amazing.

To add to this post as it got so much love from it - I want to carry on including my lockdown baking. Baking brings just that bit of cheer to me so if sharing my goods inspires anyone then i have done a good job.

Well for my dads birthday i made him his favourite desert - a strawberry cheesecake!! I added a candle and surrounded it with all his presents and he loved it. But not only that - i had enough mixture leftover to be able to make mini cheesecake jars I shared with my neighbours.

Alongside trying something new i had a cookie dough craving. I have seen people make cookie dough pots and found an amazing recipe on Pinterest by a lovely blogger who shared this amazing  Hot Cookie Dough recipe i will be making so much now

 By looks like lockdown is nowhere near the end and I have plenty more time to bake and will be carrying on - possibly adding to this post as I’ve so much more plans to carry on baking! I want to try fudge, making a cheesecake and the list will go on! A positive of lockdown has to be I have had the time to do things, like baking, that I enjoy!

 Bailey ♡ xx

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  1. I haven't baked ANYTHING during lockdown so I'm in awe of how much other people have been baking! These all look delish x


  2. forget mary berry we've got a new baker in town! great post, all that food looks so tasty, especially the brownies!!
    Mills x

  3. They look delicious especially the brownies. I haven’t baked anything since the pandemic but I’m glad others have

  4. ALL of it looks so good! I've only baked a handful of things, like banana bread, cookies, and muffins! I'd love to try some pancakes next

  5. This all looks so delicious! Definitely made me want to start baking again. xx

  6. The brownies have to be my fave! They look super gooey and yummy. You've made me hungry now Bailey.

    Emma - www.lifeofemmax.co.uk

  7. These all look so yummy! I've been baking 'Millie's cookies' cookies and they taste really good! x

    - charlotte / charlottesspace.com

  8. Wow these look delicious! I have been doing quite a lot of baking during this time and this has gave me some more ideas on what to bake!

  9. Wow you've been busy! This post is making me very hungry too, the brownies are my favourite, might have to bake some myself soon

  10. This look so good! I think I will be trying out the Cadbury’s cake one

  11. everything looks so good but that brownie is something else! Other than brownies and many loaves of bread, I haven't baked a lockdown cookie yet :)) though I intend to make a cast-iron skillet cookie soon.

  12. It all looks delicious! I've also been baking a bit during the lockdown, more time equals more baking.😂

  13. Interesting, will come back to check out your baking experience! By the way, I also tried several things like lasagne, tacos, etc for kids!

  14. These look amazing! Sign me up for some flapjacks and lemon drizzle cake - all time favourites!

  15. Those flapjacks look delicious! I'm awful at baking!


  16. Oh my gawddd yumm 🤩😋 my husband and I have been doing a lot of experimenting with vegan baking and I love it! Baking is such a great stress relief!

  17. your bakes look so tasty, love this new hobby of yours!! aaah i'm hungry now xx

  18. These look soo yummy!! I love brownies, you’ve made me want to make some!!


  19. I feel like I am failing lockdown as I have not baked a thing, not even banana bread. I am a terrible baker though so I reason that it is for the best.

    You've created some really delicious looking bakes here, I am always available for sampling ;-)

    Claire x

  20. They all look so amazing!! We've also done ALOT of baking throughout lockdown x

  21. Your bakes looks absolutely stunning. I've also done tonnes of baking, but I'm running out of flour now!

  22. I also did lots of baking

  23. Thanks for sharing your bakes, they are look impressive :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes

  24. Now I just want to eat everything 😍😍 xx


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