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June 28, 2020

Over the entirety of June I’ve spent my time trying to grow my Pinterest. First sight always confuse me but then I started reading a few helpful posts and social edia and if it had on peoples blogs. I had to try it out myself. ( ‪My Pinterest is Pinterest.com/baileyleahblogs if you wanna check it out!)

 I’ve spent nearly every day of June adding to my Pinterest doing my best to make it grow i’m honestly the results have blown me away!!! I expected nothing as good as this and there is so much more room and time for me to grow and expand my page more. My results are seen here, going from off 2k to 60k in a month for my monthly views

 First thing you need to do with Pinterest when you are starting up is turn your account into a business account. This is completely vital as it means that you will be able to see all your statistics and analytics of your pins therefore this will mean but you get your monthly views listed your profile. Not to forget the most important part, you then need to go ahead and claim your website so you’re a Pinterest will be directly connected to your blog. This is if not the most important step and the most efficient way to use Pinterest as a growing platform for your blog.

 The next thing you need to do is Great some base pins - I found these weren’t some that what I wanted to them to be but they will start to help build my account - faced means that you have some form of your own content that people can look at when they come onto your page and even they might get big. A tip for a Pinterest also is do not delete these pins as they will affect your views as even though there are a star they are a way of building up you’re a Pinterest to be exact what you want.

 On the subject of building your Pinterest up, no matter what social media platform you are on For your content to be seen you need to create a following. I found Twitter was was a brilliant way to join a Pinterest friends and follow each other showing me other peoples Pinterest‘s to help me see what I wanted to build into

 After I did all of these this is where I began making more new and fresh pins. Every day of the month of June I have created 10 to 15 pins at the minute I’m in the process of re-pinning all of my blog posts old to new everyday and I am saying nothing but a constant growth in the views and content on my Pinterest.It is seem for my analytics posted and I can only see it going up. Pinterest is a place that there is always going to be room for growth. You can change your style that one keeping you need to be consistent keep your monthly views up.

I have seen how hard it is but it is evident that your hard work will pay off. going from 2k to 60k in a month for my monthly views wise has shown me! These are the words has got me to reach is such high numbers and I want to share them on my blog as it is so achievable you just need to put the time and effort into doing it and the results will come.

 Bailey ♡ xx

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