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June 13, 2020

Summer is my favourite season when it comes to fashion - I feel like summer you can work the most gorgeous clothes and it really caters to my style. You can dress up and down summer clothes and accessorise with so many different items.

When it comes to getting dressed in the summer items have a very similar set wardrobe oh my favourite summer clothes I want to share them tell to help you spark your summer joys.

 One of my favourite items of clothing store in the summer is dresses - I have such a selection of summer dresses and I adore in all of them. They are an effortless piece to wear But they look so glamorous empty I feel like you can dress them up and down the matter what day and you will feel cool As they have so much breathing space with the hot.

 You can get so many different types of summer dresses - denim ones are a staple in my wardrobe, floral, plain or even with patterns. I have a crotchet print one that is gorgeous. Dresses are such a versatile piece I think they look amazing in the summer. They can be found so many places at such affordable prices.

Jeans are a big no in tht summer - the shorts come out. The best thing about shorts is they come in every different style and length imaginable - denim, patterned, material or cycling shorts. They go with everything and are so light. I love my blue shorts red converse combo but also my white lace shorts then can be gorgeously dressed up. Like dresses you can own countless pairs of shorts and they can be worn in so many ways

 I think summer is a perfect time to bring up colour in your wardrobe - Even if it’s just means getting colourful plain T-shirts which I love doing I have a red yellow and green one but gets one so much in summer or buying classic brands like champions with logos on. Summer is the perfect time to ditch the black white and grey T-shirt and bring that colour in your wardrobe. I know this is on my favourite things to do as you almost go even more in the Sun. pastel colours work perfectly too - the baby blues, lilacs and pink it’s the time for all colours to rise.

Summer is all about florals. When the Sun comes out all of my floral clothes come out and believe me I have a lot. Floral is my favourite type of clothes to wear as you can put flowers on literally anything and it look glamorous and stylish without even trying. Floral top just looks so simple yet completely transform an outfit. Florals coming everything you can get floral shorts gorgeous floral tops and even floral dresses Linkin on the same theme. Florals come in all colours and styles so there’s always one type of floor.

 Summer is the best season style and every year I buy more and more summer clothes and end up with so many but I feel like summer is the time of year when I looked the best and with the Brighter nights and warm days you can wear less but - get the best photos! Summer is the time when you make the most memories so why not look your best doing it.

Bailey ♡ xx

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